Metal detecting.

After seven years of a hobby that was heavily dependent on weather conditions (you can't fly a remote controlled plane in high wind or rain!).

I wanted a new hobby I could do any time. While chatting to a mate at work he mentioned he had a metal detector.....

Now I did have one when I was a kid and only found bottle tops and ring pulls.

After a bit of research I found a discriminating detector on Ebay for £150, and on checking out reviews thought it would be a good starting point into the hobby, thus in August 2013 started the addiction (sorry Hobby).

Hunting sites.

I'm a member of a Northeast Searchers club and a member of the NCMD.

I do a lot of hunting on the beaches in Northumberland, you need a crown estates foreshore permit (its free from ).

I have a few permissions on farms both local and in Northumberland, you need permission BEFORE you can detect on private land.

Getting to know the land owner and showing him/her what you have found often leads to more permissions, also splitting any profits with them works wonders....

Unless your wife decides she wants to keep it!


All my Garrett gear was bought from Regtons they can't be beat for service, highly recommended.


For help and advice visit the MDF forum, THE forum for detectorists!

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